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In the mid 1800's, after the close of the Civil War , several families from the Stover and Lake Creek areas moved to Smithton, then a new town along the Missouri Pacific Railway, which was being extended westward.  They often rode horseback to attend church services at Lake Creek, and in times of heavy rains the horses had to swim the fords.  Such conditions made it desirable to have church in Smithton.  Because of difference in language they organized and built their church about the same time that the English speaking group built one (1864).  In 1879, Smithton became a part of the West German Conference, Missouri District. 

     The German language was used entirely in the early years.  Children in the Sunday School were taught to read the Bible in German.  During the summer the pastor conducted classed in catechism.  After confirmation, they were accepted as members of the church.

     In time, the German language was discontinued and only the English was used.  This fact, together with changes resulting from the World War, made it advisable to unite all Methodists of Smithton in one congregation. So in the fall of 1924, the plans were completed for such a union.  The church building was wrecked and the materials used in the new buildings or were sold.  The congregation of 150 members, and the Sunday School of 175, all became part of the new Smithton Methodist Church.

     The church building and parsonage as they exist today were dedicated April 25, 1926.  It was a day of great rejoicing, with services held morning, afternoon, and night, and a big basket dinner at noon.

     The membership of the united church was 450 at the time of the dedication. 

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